Women’s Shelter Residents Treated to Spa Day

LUZERNE — A group from a women’s shelter were treated to a day at the spa in Luzerne County.

The women cannot afford to pamper themselves, but a beauty salon donated the experience giving them a chance to unwind.

For the Pure Lavi Salon, this wasn’t an ordinary day. Inside, the salon was giving a day of pampering to the residents of Ruth’s Place, a shelter for women.

The women received a complete makeover: eyes, makeup, and nails.

“I feel like a little kid. I really did. I was up all night thinking about it. I am so happy,” said Michelle Bash.

The salon also collected clothes, canned food, and personal items and donated them to the shelter.

The free pampering was meant to give the women some confidence and happiness right before the holidays.

“We just wanted to give them a little bit of a boost to feel good about themselves again. Even if it’s for an hour, it just really makes them feel amazing,” said owner Catina Boyle.

The women were grateful for the extra care the people at the salon were putting into their hair, nails, and makeup.

“Something to help me, you know, so that I can feel better about myself when I go to find a job or place to live,” Laurencia Cohen said.

“Just because we are at our lowest point in life doesn’t mean we are going to stay there,” said Naeco Shudart. “Like I said, this is a self-esteem booster. It helps us feel good and gives us hope that better things are to come.”

Now thanks to a little help, these women have more confidence to go out and face the world.