Q Switched Laser Tattoo Removal Machine

What is the Q switch technique? The laser has short pulse duration and high peak power, and the melanin contained in the skin can be instantly exploded (6-8 NS), and the normal tissue will not be destroyed at the same time.

Q switched nd yag laser machine can effectively control the secretion of sebaceous gland, anti inflammation, inhibition of propionibacterium acnes activity, stimulating the pores and whiten skin because the laser will not directly acts on the skin, so users do not need to worry about black skin and skin burning, which totally has safe beauty operation.

The treatment effect: whitening skin, fade spots, improve skin tone, dispelling yellow quhei, anti-aging skin, increase skin elasticity, anti-aging and anti wrinkle firming, dilute the true wrinkles, eliminate fine wrinkles and improve skin texture, face firming and lifting, shrink pores, remove blackheads and acne etc.

The use of high energy laser instantaneous emission can effectively break the ice removing the lesions in the pigment, and the light induced blasting principle, laser the agglomeration of high energy emission instantly. The fixed wavelength laser produced by nd yag laser tattoo removal machine can instantly penetrate the epidermal tissues, and quickly crushed the corresponding pigment group.Lesions of the pigment will gradually fade and disappear, while the surrounding normal skin tissue is in normal state because they do not absorb the fixed wavelength laser. With the help of Q siwtched laser machine or picosecond laser machine, dark, black pigment cells and fuel particles can reach the skin deep, which is suitable for removing dark tattoos, and it has intense melanin absorption, which is mainly used for the treatment of birthmarks, tattoos, coffee spots, freckles, senile plaque and all kinds of pigmentation.