This May Just Be the Newest Pain-Free Way to Remove Tattoos and Birthmarks

For years, lasers have been used to lighten birthmarks and tattoos that were considered painful and required numerous treatments. But all of that could change as researchers from the University of Missouri have developed a special device that emits laser light through direct contact on the skin to make the entire process safer and less painful with less inflammation.

Coined sonoillumination, Paul J.D. Whiteside, a doctoral candidate in the MU Division of Food Systems and Bioengineering, says, “The system we developed uses ultrasonic pulsation in conjunction with a clinical laser to alter the properties of skin tissues during the procedure. We’ve named the technique ‘sonoillumination,’ and we’re hopeful that the procedure will be available widely in the near future.”

Besides being safer, it’s also said that the time it will take to remove a tattoo or birthmark from the skin (both in terms of the length of a single treatment and the number of treatments required) will be less, too. Stay tuned to NewBeauty for updates.