Magic Fat Loss? Part One

Ever hear about it? Commercials about this impossible phenomena invade our daily lives. We hear “Non-surgical lipo,” “Quick and easy,” oh and my favorite “Permanent.” It seemed time to investigate. I spoke to cosmetic doctor to the stars, Neda Vanden Bosch, MD, founder of West Palm Beach’s V Boutique.

In owning a Health and Wellness company for over 20 years, I was highly skeptical. The human body creates fat cells to accommodate the volume of food eaten. The same isn’t true for muscle. We only have a certain number of muscle cells. We’re unable to manufacture and multiply. Hence the importance to develop strength and tone in our bodies.

Before visiting Dr. Vanden Bosch, I thought about where I’d like to lose fat, besides everywhere! I looked no further than my abdomen and decided that would be my answer if asked.

Being healthy and fit in the most natural way possible is my life. People with disabilities or medical conditions sometimes encounter short and extended periods of time where traditional methods of exercise and weight loss are contraindicated, causing weight gain. With these conflicting thoughts in my brain, I began my mission.

Once seated with Vanden Bosch I asked her about this concept of permanent fat loss. She explained the “SculpSure” procedure. “A 1060 nanometer laser which is only attracted to fat cells permanently destroys them” she explained. “The applicators are modifiable so we can customize the areas of concern.”

I asked her how this differed from the “Coolsculpting” method. Vanden Bosch said, “Coolsculpting places a pad on a region and freezes the fat,” she continued, “It freezes the fat cells, and surrounding cells, so you could end up with a block of your abdomen frozen and hardened which can result in pain.”

She further explained, “The laser used in SculpSure also promotes skin tightening.” In years of helping people lose weight, especially those over 40-years-old, loose skin after weight loss can be an issue, so this sounded like a plus to me.

I decided to take the quantum leap and give this a shot. V Boutique’s Clinical Supervisor, Melissa Mendicino whisked me away handing me a robe while telling me we’d weigh, measure and take “before photos.” I was ready to run. Then 20 years of explaining to our clients the importance of the before measurements and weigh-in exploded in my head. I grit my teeth the entire time in the attempt to be an agreeable patient.

Mendicino then fitted my abdomen with the “belts.” She tried a few until she was happy, and let me know “Once side of your stomach protrudes more than the other.”  Yup, thanks for pointing that out Melissa (I said in my head). I explained it was the scoliosis in my back, she agreed.

Once on the table, she snapped futuristic looking square lasers into the belts. Mendicino said I’d feel heat then cool. “The heat should feel pretty warm,” she explained, “the cool periods need to eliminate any feeling of heat.” Let the fun begin! Due to my injuries and neurological issues I was a little more sensitive than most. Mendicino was by my side the entire time ensuring I wasn’t freaking out and monitoring the 25 seconds of heat and the glorious 10 seconds of cool. Then BAM, a short 25 minutes later it was over. She advised I drink extra water and to massage my abdomen in circular motions for a couple of days. Over the next few weeks, the fat would melt away, excreting through urination.

Vanden Bosch explained the clinical studies on Sculpture show a 25 percent fat loss in just six weeks following one treatment. The new protocols recommend two treatments six weeks apart for best results. So just about the time this issue goes to press I’ll be back on the table. Can’t wait to share the results in Part Two!