BSF gets anti-aging lessons at 51

A seminar was held for the Border Security Force in Delhi on successful aging while celebrating 51 years of the force.

The gun-wielding soldiers of the Border Security Force got a lesson on “successful aging” at Force Headquarters in Delhi.

The border guarding force recently celebrated its 51 years since inception. With nearly half of the 2.5 lakh strong force above the age of 40 years, lifestyle diseases and stress-related problems are common in the force.

Dr Rekha Bhandari, Chief of Geriatrics from New York, addressed the audience of serving and retired BSF men with family in tow.

Bhandari told soldiers that force may involve physical exercise but emotional and mental aspects of aging life should not be neglected.


So just watching the girth would not be enough- mental and emotional health of a person should be taken care with proper nutrition supplements if needed, and with emphasis on vegetarian diets.

In an hour-long interactive session, Rekha Bhandari gave a detailed account on aging successfully and gracefully. She elucidated the main components of successful aging as low probability of disease and disease-related disability, high cognitive and physical functional capacity and active engagement in life.

BSF guards India-Pakistan and India-Bangladesh border.