Aesthetic Treatments For Patients Of Color

Question: I am 53 years old and have black skin. I notice sagging in my lower face, fat under my neck and deep smile lines. I don’t want a facelift. Are there any good minimal invasive treatments that would help aging concerns without causing keloids or noticeable scars in people with black skin.

Answer: Absolutely! With today’s advanced aesthetic technologies which can target different skin types and colors, there are many procedures that can safely and effectively treat patients with black skin without the high risk of adverse effects such as scarring and keloids. Some of the most popular procedures performed in my office on patients with dark skin include Infini RF, Bellafill and Kybella.

Kybella is a non-surgical procedure which permanently reduces submental fat or “double-chin” fat. The key words here are “permanent” and “non-surgical”. I have used Kybella on black skin without any scarring or keloids, unlike liposuction which can increase the risk of scarring and involves surgery. Kybella can also be used “off-label” to treat fatty jowls. If you also have loose skin in the face or neck, a skin tightening device may also be combined with Kybella.

Infini RF is a very common procedure in my patients with black skin. Since black skin is typically thicker than light skin, black skin may have a naturally higher collagen and elastin content, giving a stronger response to the collagen-stimulating effects of Infini RF. Infini RF does not involve surgery or incisions, and I’ve never come across scarring or keloids from an Infini treatment.

Injectable fillers such as Bellafill or PRP with micro-nized fat can successfully and safely be used in black-skinned patients with very low overall risks. Both treatment options can last years compared to temporary fillers. Both procedures work by stimulating your body’s own biological processes to result in more facial volume and soften wrinkles. Whereas the Bellafill crystals stimulate your body’s own collagen, PRP with micro-nized fat stimulates your stem cells to achieve more facial volume and/or improvement in facial lines.

Which treatment or combination of treatments you need is best determined in a thorough consultation with your Facial Plastic Surgeon. Kybella, Infini RF and Bellafill have been safely and effectively used in my office on a very broad range of skin colors and skin types.