Clinical Laser Treatments

Our clinical laser treatments are an effective and affordable way to eliminate unwanted skin conditions. Using lasers, we can pinpoint and remedy the affected areas without the need for chemicals and invasive procedures.

Our clinical laser treatments can help you with removing:

 Acne      Facial & Leg Veins      Melasma
 Nail Fungus      Plantar Warts      Rosacea      Skin Tags

Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are growths of skin that are cosmetically bothersome and completely benign. Thye are typically round and have a brownish colour, but can be all shapes, sizes and colours ranging from black to white. They can be easily removed with minimal amounts of potential scarring and little to no pain with only 1-2 treatments.

What to expect

As with other laser treatments, you can expect the feeling of lightly snapping a rubber band with momentary heat at the targeted area. The area will appear raw and red after the treatment and will need to stay clean while it heals. It's recommended that you take the remainder of the day off from work and avoid applying makeup or other external use products to the treated area.

You can expect your skin to heal in as little as 3 days without scarring, depending on your skin health and size of the treated area.

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