Clinical Laser Treatments

Our clinical laser treatments are an effective and affordable way to eliminate unwanted skin conditions. Using lasers, we can pinpoint and remedy the affected areas without the need for chemicals and invasive procedures.

Our clinical laser treatments can help you with removing:

 Acne      Facial & Leg Veins      Melasma
 Nail Fungus      Plantar Warts      Rosacea      Skin Tags

Nail Fungus

Onychromycosis (also know as "Dermatophytic onychomycosis," "Ringworm of the nail," "Tinea unguium," and "nail fungus") is fungal infection of finger or, more commonly, toenails. Approximately 60% of the adult population has at one time had this condition. While this condition is not hazardous to your overall health, nail fungus, if untreated, can completely destroy the affected nail over time. The number fo visits required to eliminate onychomycosis completely varies from case to case and may require retreatment every few months in extreme cases.

What to expect

Each treatment session can last between 15-30 minutes and is safer than and more effective than oral and topical medications. One week prior to a treatment, ensure that you wear clean socks each day and do not apply nail polish to the affected nails. There are no negative effects of the treatment, which means you can get back to your day as soon as the treatment is over. Though no immediately visible change can be seen after a session, you'll be able to see the results of treatment as your nail grows out.

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