Clinical Laser Treatments

Our clinical laser treatments are an effective and affordable way to eliminate unwanted skin conditions. Using lasers, we can pinpoint and remedy the affected areas without the need for chemicals and invasive procedures.

Our clinical laser treatments can help you with removing:

 Acne      Facial & Leg Veins      Melasma
 Nail Fungus      Plantar Warts      Rosacea      Skin Tags


Melasma is a common skin condition that creates abnormal amounts of brown skin pigmentation, called melanin and can appear on several areas on the face typically. While direct cause isn't known, sun exposure and homronal changes are related. This condition can affect any gender and race, but it more commonly seen in women of hispanic and asian descent. While this condition is physically harmless, the blotchy brown or gray-brown skin it produces often has an impact on mental health of those afflicted.

The number of treatments required will vary from patient to patient depending on their specific type and severity of melasma.

What to expect

Since there are many types of melasma, each treatment will be unique. However, generally, the treatments will create a warm and tingly sensation on the area being treated. As with many other laser treatments, take care to use sunscreen when outside for extended periods of time after treatment as the area will likely be sensitive to sunlight.

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