Clinical Laser Treatments

Our clinical laser treatments are an effective and affordable way to eliminate unwanted skin conditions. Using lasers, we can pinpoint and remedy the affected areas without the need for chemicals and invasive procedures.

Our clinical laser treatments can help you with removing:

 Acne      Facial & Leg Veins      Melasma
 Nail Fungus      Plantar Warts      Rosacea      Skin Tags

Facial & Leg Veins

Facial and leg veins are dialated superficial veins that appear primarily on the nose, chin, or cheek area and often accompanies roasacea and other skin-based trauma. Around 70% of women and 30% of men will develop a venous disorder. While it's not completely known what causes these disorders, hereditary disposition is believed to be a likely cause. However, oral contraceptives, hormone changes and therapy, sun exposure, and natural aging are also believed to contribute to development. Within 1-2 treatments, most visible veins will disappear from sight, however, further treatments may be required in some cases.

What to expect

Before your treatment, make sure to not take aspirin or blood thinners 5 days prior to treatment and do not apply creams or makeup to the affected area on the day of. During treatment, most feel a stinging sensation as pulses are delivered, while most people do not require a local anesthetic, it can be provided should you require it. After treatment, ensure you keep treated areas out of direct sun or use sunscreen and avoid rigorous physical activity for the first 24 hours post treatment. Some patients report redness or bruising during the first 48 hours and tan or brownish pigment may persist for weeks or months after treatment.

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