Clinical Laser Treatments

Our clinical laser treatments are an effective and affordable way to eliminate unwanted skin conditions. Using lasers, we can pinpoint and remedy the affected areas without the need for chemicals and invasive procedures.

Our clinical laser treatments can help you with removing:

 Acne      Facial & Leg Veins      Melasma
 Nail Fungus      Plantar Warts      Rosacea      Skin Tags


Acne is the result of hair follicles being clogged by a mixture of skin oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. Whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and cysts are all types of lesions acne can produce. Acne typically appears on the face and neck, but can be found on the back, shoulders, and arms.

Even mild acne can produce scarring, although the more severe acne (cystic) is associated more strongly with the risk of scarring. It’s hard to tell, though, who will develop scarring and how severe it will be.

Scars are the result of injury to the skin, and what you see is the loss of skin tissue or the build-up of excess skin tissue. You can basically get one of two types of scarring: depressed (pitted) scars or elevated (thickened) scars.

Treating acne with laser therapy will take approximately 4-5 treatments.

What to expect

Before treatment, you'll need to remove any makeup and/or shave the targeted area. The treatment will feel soothing and give you a warm sensation. Some redness may appear immediately after the procedure, but it will fade within a few hours.

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